Help Fill PDF Improve

While the Fill PDF service may be paid, the development of the underlying FillPDF module is generally not. Like most open-source projects, it requires volunteer interest and time to grow and can be developed as fast or as slow as that allows.

This page serves as a starting point for what is needed or requested the most at the moment. It is by no means comprehensive. There's the issue queue for that!

Find a solution to the age-old third-party library question

Currently, people have to use pdftk or a kludgy PHP/JavaBridge solution to fill PDFs. These tools do their jobs well and may be the best way; however, a pure PHP solution (even if not as feature-rich as the others) for filling in PDF forms would certainly be a welcome addition to the fill methods Fill PDF currently supports. Add your comments to the feature request here: Research if PHP solution for filling forms exists yet.

Donate to FillPDF module

FillPDF Service subscriptions help run the service, but they are not always enough to ensure new and exciting module features. If you would like to help with those, you can make a donation. You're welcome to request or +1 a particular feature.

Contact Kaland Web if you want to donate.

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