FillPDF Service shut down on August 31, 2022.

New signups have been disabled, and renewals will now fail. Any emails you may receive about failed renewals can be safely ignored, as this is intended. Click to read the original blog post. Thank you for using FillPDF Service.


Major FillPDF Service upgrade

FillPDF Service has undergone a large upgrade. With the upgrade comes some useful new features:

- You can now manage your subscription entirely by yourself. We have switched from PayPal to Stripe, and Stripe allows us to make subscription management this easy. Have a look at the new FAQ if you're wondering how plan changes work now.

Norwegian VAT support added

There used to be a message on the site saying that a VAT invoice would be sent separately to Norwegian customers. This is no longer necessary, and the shopping cart supports VAT directly.

After your payment has been received, you can also see the amount in NOK if you go to your account, click Orders, click your order, and click the link to view a printable invoice.

New how-to videos

We've finally recorded a couple videos using the module. These are task-based in nature, but they show it being set up and working to solve a real problem.

Making a contract template:

Updating the PDF used in the template:

EU VAT Number collection implemented

We received a request for being able to specify EU VAT numbers during checkout and have set it up so EU countries can specify this. Those who need to supply this information probably already know, and it will show up on invoices sent out by the system.

We hope this helps.

(Automatic calculation of VAT for Norwegian customers is coming soon.)

Message to Norwegian subscribers about moms (Merverdiavgift/MVA/VAT)

This is currently being shown on the user and checkout pages. Once we find a better solution, the message will be removed:

Fill PDF Service is registered in Norway, and as such will soon be required to collect Merverdiavgift (moms/VAT/MVA) according to Norwegian law. This will happen within the next few months.

If, at that time, our system is not yet set up to handle this, so if you are in Norway, you will receive a separate invoice for the amount. MVA is 25% of the price, and it will be invoiced in NOK.

Fill PDF Service is a Bronze Sponsor of DrupalCamp Sacramento

This is our second year sponsoring the camp (last year it was individually as wizonesolutions).

This year, we're a proper Bronze sponsor ($250) and listed on the camp site's sponsor page.

If you're attending, I'll see you there! I am mentoring the*-based training.

* That's my affiliate link.

Simplified pricing introduced

You'll notice that the Pricing + Signup page (now called "Choose Your Plan") has gotten a lot simpler. Rather than being confronted with 4 different options, there are now 2 (in addition to the Free plan). These 2 should suit the needs of the vast majority of users and make the choice easier overall.

The monthly model has enabled people to try out Fill PDF Service without making a long-term commitment or large upfront investment. If you've been waiting to try it, now's the time!