FillPDF Service shut down on August 31, 2022.

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Introducing FillPDF LocalServer, powered by Docker

We are excited to announce FillPDF LocalServer, a replacement for the current Java servlet that uses PHP/JavaBridge.

It uses Docker, meaning that it's fairly easy to set up regardless of platform. You only need to be able to install Docker.

Rather than the Drupal module accessing it over shared message passing, it provides a modern REST API. The updated Drupal modules simply make HTTP requests to this and process the result. It is nice and fast.

Additionally, this architecture lets you run FillPDF LocalServer wherever you want. The server on which your Drupal site is running just needs to be able to access it.

And since it's a REST API, you don't actually even need to use Drupal. Use whatever programming language or platform you want! You only need to be able to make HTTP requests.

Full instructions and documentation can be found on the project page.

New versions of the Drupal module that support FillPDF LocalServer can be found on the module's project page.