FillPDF Service is shutting down on August 31, 2022.

Major FillPDF Service upgrade

FillPDF Service has undergone a large upgrade. With the upgrade comes some useful new features:

- You can now manage your subscription entirely by yourself. We have switched from PayPal to Stripe, and Stripe allows us to make subscription management this easy. Have a look at the new FAQ if you're wondering how plan changes work now.

- If you switch to one of the new plans, you can now opt in to overlimit usage. This keeps your site going without having to manually upgrade the plan or contact us, and you pay a fixed amount per API call (depending on your plan). To turn this on, go to your profile, then click Update email/password. You will see an option called What to do when plan limits exceeded. Configure it to allow overages to take advantage of this feature.

- The new platform will hopefully allow us to roll out additional features faster in the coming year.

I'm also including the important notes from the email I sent out here:

- !!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!! If you are a paying customer, you must log in, click Stored cards, and add a card to your profile. Mark it as your default card. If you don't, your API access will stop working in 3 to 7 weeks. Credit card information is not stored on or transmitted to the FillPDF Service website; it goes directly to the new payment processor (Stripe), a PCI-DSS compliant company.

- If you are a paying customer, your plan agreement should remain the same (just make sure you add a card to your profile). Please contact me if you experience trouble, and I will double-check your account migration.

- The website URL has changed to Your FillPDF installation should continue working as-is. The next stable release will include the updated URL.

- The Explorer (free) plan has been discontinued. If you are on the Explorer plan, you have 60 days or 60 merges to decide if you want to upgrade or not. There are four available plans on

- HTTP access has been disabled. You now must select "Use HTTPS" in your FillPDF module configuration. The HTTP option will be removed soon, and HTTPS has been the default setting for a long time now.

- An XML-RPC endpoint that the Drupal 5 version of the module used has been retired. If this affects you, you will have to fix the code yourself, as the Drupal 5 version has not been supported for a long time.

- There are new terms of use. If you continue using the site or API after 30 days, you will be deemed to have accepted them. You can do so sooner if you log in (you will be prompted to).

For more information, see the blog post. I recommend adding the RSS feed to your feed reader or something like IFTTT if you want to stay informed of non-mandatory updates. You can also follow @FillPDF on Twitter.

I hope you enjoy the improvement! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Kevin Kaland