FillPDF Service shut down on August 31, 2022.

New signups have been disabled, and renewals will now fail. Any emails you may receive about failed renewals can be safely ignored, as this is intended. Click to read the original blog post. Thank you for using FillPDF Service.


Introducing FillPDF LocalServer, powered by Docker

We are excited to announce FillPDF LocalServer, a replacement for the current Java servlet that uses PHP/JavaBridge.

It uses Docker, meaning that it's fairly easy to set up regardless of platform. You only need to be able to install Docker.

Rather than the Drupal module accessing it over shared message passing, it provides a modern REST API. The updated Drupal modules simply make HTTP requests to this and process the result. It is nice and fast.


We haven't sent an email about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) because there was no need.

We only send out notifications to subscribers when necessary, e.g. if something is changing about the service or if they are near their usage limits. And even these emails can be disabled from their profile pages.

We've had a clear privacy policy from day one which outlines the data we collect. As mentioned there, we can remove your data by deleting your account if needed.

Join the FillPDF API private beta!

Join the private beta now at, or read on for more information.

We've been working on upgrading the underlying stack powering FillPDF Service behind the scenes, and we want to get some early feedback.

Up until now, FillPDF Service has primarily been a companion service to the FillPDF Drupal module. The next version looks to change that.

Paid Help now available

If you are in need of professional assistance with FillPDF, FillPDF Service, or PDF manipulation, check out our new Paid Help offer:

Have a look at the Supporting Organizations section of the FillPDF Drupal module project page to get an idea of other clients who have worked with us before.

We place heavy emphasis on effective communication and setting clear expectations. As a result, we have high client satisfaction.

Billing bug fixed

Customers were seeing errors when managing their accounts from approximately May 17 until today. This is now fixed, and subscription billing has been caught up. If you were billed later than usual, this is why. Your next payment will be taken on the usual day. You can check this day in the right-hand side of your profile, where it says when your billing ends.

Image stamping now works with regular PDFs

Previously, image stamping only worked with LiveCycle ImageFIelds. We recently switched underlying technology for PDF merging, and while doing so, we were able to add support for Button fields in PDFs. The documentation pages have been updated to reflect this change.

We recommend using transparent button backgrounds for your image stamping fields.